Work at Home Ideas

Have some ideas of your own?

Share them and be a help to someone else trying to get started. Email your idea to us. If we publish your idea on this page, we will give you a $10.00 gift coupon to use with your next order.

Thank you notes

Send handwritten thank you notes to people who have bought from you in the past. Re-connect with your customers. You can phone, email, or even visit them. If you love people, it is fun. These past customers can also give your business new life fast.

Build a following on Instagram or Pinterest

You can take photos of your products in everyday use. Post them and share them with your friends and customers.
Give them ideas, and give them more reasons to call you for something.

Send Emails

You can send something each week, or just once a month. Send a favorite new product for each customer. If you pick out a few different ones to start, you will be able to find a single favorite for almost every name you have.

If you send a favorite to people once every few weeks, you eventually get their attention and their business. It is amazing what this can do for you if you are consistent over time. Even if you just connect quickly about anything at all, many more people will later want to order from you later.

Repair slightly damaged items

You can visit our Bargain Basement section to find items with minor damages. You can either sell these cheap for your own bargain hunter customers; or you can make some minor repairs to add a lot of value.

See these at

Create your own advertising fliers

Copy pictures from our website, and design your own fliers or postcards to send to your past customers. These little reminders keep you on top of people’s minds, give people new ideas for ways to make their own life better or more fun. Something extra.

Contact old friends

Make a list of people you knew 3 years ago or longer. People from school, from church, people you used to work with.

Reach out to them out on Facebook or whatever way is easiest.

When they ask what you are doing tell them. If they are interested, tell them more and send them an email or message with some of your favorite products. Or give them a free bar of soap or sample bottle of oil. Stay in touch and grow your number of customers.

Make your own special blends of oils

Give your customers something that they can only get from you. If you’re good at making your own recipes, and can guess what different oils will smell like together, experiment.

Mix different oils together, and find a perfect combination. You can offer it to people with an exciting name that you come up with, or just call it your own special blend. Make one for burning and another for wearing. If it goes well, you can even make your own full line of fragrances.

Bottle your own oils

Oils cost much less in larger bottles. Buy some empty 1/3 oz bottles, and a larger 4, 8 or 16 oz. bottle of one of your popular oils.

Fill the smaller empty bottles from the larger one, and you get your oils at the lowest prices possible. If you buy only a 4 oz bottle and 12 empty 1/3 oz bottles, you will cut your oil cost by more than half. You can sell oils cheaper if it helps you sell more. You make more money at whatever price you sell for though.