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Do you love writing?

Do you love your Business?

Do you have something that would help others?


If you can write an article for us that would be helpful or especially interesting for our customers and we put it on our website or blog, we will give you $50.00 worth of free products.  






Here are some guidelines.

  • The article would need to be at least 500 words long.
  • This article cannot already be published on another website or blog, including your own. 
  • We would ask you to send a photo of yourself to show with the article
  • You do not need to include any other photos, but an appropriate photo could make your article easier or more interesting to read. You can include any photos that are not found on another site (unless you have written permission to use the photo).
  • We may edit your article by removing, adding, or changing the text in minor ways. This could be for readability, grammar, or for search engine improvements.
  • You can use one of the titles below, or you can write something else.
    • The Best Strategies I Use To Grow My Business
    • I Grew Long Healthy Hair. Here Are Ways That You Can Too
    • More Ways To Use Oils
    • Ideas For African Jewelry You Can Make Yourself
    • What I Would Do Differently Now To Grow My African Business.  
    • How To Make Your Home Feel African
    • My African Wedding
    • My Favorite Oil Blends


We do not promise to pay you for any article you write. Only ones that we decide to use. If we do publish your article on our blog or website we will send you a $50.00 gift coupon.

If you want to try writing an article this way, just send it to us by email to  africa@africaimports.com . Send any article, and we will let you know within a few days if we can publish it or not.

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