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1 Lb Victoria's Secret: Coconut Passion (W) Type

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About this product

Rich, creamy, sweet…Coconut Passion is a gentle blend of vanilla and coconut, with just a hint of tropical flowers. It gives the wearer a whiff of sweet scent, as if she were wearing a high-end body lotion instead of perfume. Coconut Passion is a delightful choice for mothers of young children, nurses, beauticians, and others whose work requires standing close to other people. It can also be layered with fruity scents, to add a note of tropical sweetness. O-V94L
  • A light, sweet vanilla and coconut scent.
  • Who is it for? Women who want to smell sweet, but not perfumy. Younger women and some professional women.
  • When do I wear it? Coconut Passion is a daytime scent, for home, work, casual outings, and trips to the beach.
  • What are the notes? Mostly creamy vanilla and coconut, with a suggestion of tropical flowers.

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