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    African Fashion

    African clothing and jewelry fashions can give your wardrobe more beauty AND more meaning. Here's how:

    Most of the African clothing available at Africa Imports is hand made. Fabrics like mudcloth, brocade, kente, and kuba cloth give African clothing a unique feel and design. Clothes are made not just with a flat cotton, so you get more with African fashions then mass produced western clothing can ever provide!


    Mudstick Full Length Dress

    Mudstick Full Length Dress


    Colors and what they represent in African fashions


    Color in African clothing gives even more meaning! Here's what a few of these colors represent in African fashions.

    Yellows, gold, and mustard

    These colors represent wealth and fertility both. Gold represents both precious metal; and the yolk of an egg. Gold is one of the most popular colors in the African fashions. This color is used in both the fabric and the embroidery.

    Kente Pant Set

    Embroidered Brocade Pant Set

    Unlike here in the US, red in African fashions is not considered the color of love. It is viewed as the sacrificial color of blood and represents the mood of tension in the political or spiritual world.

    Blue is a harmonious color of peace and love and is used to symbolize the sky where creation cam from.

    Blue Brocade Pleated Skirt Set

    Light Blue Brocade Pleated Skirt Set

    Green is a medicinal color that symbolizes life and prosperity.

    Meanings behind African fashion jewelry

    In African jewelry different jewelry is worn for weddings, for everyday wear, and for other occasions.

    Bone jewelry symbolizes prosperity in some African cultures. A cow can be considered sacred within people groups who raise cattle. Because a cow bone can represent wealth, bone or imitations of it are very popular in jewelry throughout Africa.

    Another common ingredient to African jewelry from Africa Imports is cowry shells. In African culture cowry shells are a symbol of prosperity and fertility. You can find out more about the history and meaning of cowrie shells here.

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