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African Pant Suits

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Kente Jumpsuit

Having fun your way. Kente design from Ghana communicates African culture like nothing else can. Perfect for casual and formal situations both. Fits 44" bust and 50" hips. 57" length. Comes with head scarf. Has two pockets.100% cotton. Made in India. Machine wash in cold water. C-WH078
Sku: C-WH078
Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

Plus-Sized Traditional Print Pant Set

Pant Set comes with sleeveless shirt and pants. 95% polyester/5% spandex. This set is stretchy. Dashiki fits up to a 54” bust. 30” length. Pants fits up to 46” waist and 52" hips. 46” length. Machine wash in cold water. No bleach. Tumble dry low. Iron as needed. Made in China. C-WS834
Sku: C-WS834
Wholesale: $14.95 Retail: $29.90

Traditional Print Pant Set

Sku: C-WS819
Wholesale: $13.95 Retail: $27.90

Kente Jumpsuit: #2

C-WH224 Kente Jumpsuit: #2 Bright and bold this Kente Jumpsuit is a uniquely African addition to any wardrobe. The jumpsuit has a halter top and a long, wide legs. It features a genuine Kente design of geometric shapes in yellow, orange and green. It comes with two convenient pockets. It fits up to a 50” bust. It is 50” in length with a 28” inseam. Made in India of 100% cotton. C-WH224

Sku: C-WH224
Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

George Fabric: Pant Set

A Look Demanding Attention
For the woman headed for success, this George pant set is an essential. Cultural and sophisticated, made with high-style george fabric. 100% viscose. One size fits most. Fits up to a 46” bust. Pants with drawstring fits up to 42" waist, and 43” length. Made in India. C-W951
Sku: C-W951
Wholesale: $24.50 Retail: $49.00

Geometric Pants

C-WF968 Geometric Pants Bright and bold these geometric pants are form fitting and make a statement. They are legging-style pants with a striped design in various colors. They have two convenient pockets. Made in China of 100% polyester. Wash in cold water.
  • SM - Fits up to 34" waist and 44" hips. 39" length with 29" inseam.
  • MD - Fits up to 36" waist and 46" hips. 39" length with 29" inseam.
  • LG - Fits up to 38" waist and 48" hips. 39" length with 29" inseam.
  • SXL - Fits up to 40" waist and 48" hips. 39" length with 29" inseam.
Sku: C-WF968
Wholesale: $6.95 Retail: $13.90

Black & White Palazzo Pants

C-WH090 Black & White Palazzo Pants Fits up to 42" elastic waist. 39" length. 22" inseam. Has 2 pockets and matching head scarf. 100% cotton. Made in India. C-WH090

Sku: C-WH090
Wholesale: $23.95 Retail: $47.90

Purple/Gold Kente Pant Set

C-WH018 Purple/Orange Kente Pant Set Bold and distinctive this Purple and Orange Kente Pant Set is a uniquely African ensemble. It has a bright African design of purple and gold squares. The top fits up to a 56” bust and is 36” in length. Pants have a tie string at the waist and fit up to a 54” waist. They have a 41” length and a 28” inseam. Comes with a matching head scarf that is 56”. Also has two convenient pockets in the top and two convenient pockets in the pants.Made in India of 100% cotton. Machine wash. C-WH018
Sku: C-WH018
Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

Open Shoulder Jump Suit

C-WH305 Open Shoulder Jump Suit Bold and stylish, this Open Shoulder Jump Suit makes a statement about African style. The jumpsuit has an off-the-shoulder, caped neckline with a tucked in waist. It features a traditional African pattern of squares with different designs and diamond shapes. It is available in your choice of pink or turquoise. Comes with two convenient pockets and a matching headscarf. It is 47” in length with a 26” inseam. It fits up to a 44” bust with a 40” waist and hips. Made in India of 100% cotton. Wash in cold water. C-WH305
Sku: C-WH305
Wholesale: $17.95 Retail: $35.90

Traditional Print Blouse & Pants Set

Beautiful traditional print pant set with blouse, pants and head scarf. 100% cotton. Made in India. Hand wash separately in cold water. C-WF947

  • S/M - Blouse fits up to 38" bust with 25" length. Pants fits up to a 30" waist and 45" hips. 40" length with 28" inseam.
  • M/L - Blouse fits up to 40" bust with 25" length. Pants fits up to a 32" waist and 46" hips. 41" length with 28" inseam.
  • XL - Blouse fits up to 43" bust with 34" length. Pants fits up to a 34" waist and 47" hips. 42" length with 28" inseam.
Sku: C-WF947
Wholesale: $23.95 Retail: $47.90

Patchwork Kente Palazzo Pants

Sku: C-WH243
Wholesale: $23.95 Retail: $47.90

Traditional Patchwork Palazzo Pants

Tradional Patchwork Print Palazzo Pants
Add some dramatic flair to your wardrobe with these Tradional Patchwork Print Palazzo Pants. The pants have wide, flared legs that can even pass for a skirt. The design is a bold and colorful multi-patchwork pattern. The pants fit up to a 40” waist with two straps to secure them. They have a 40” length and a 24” inseam. They come with two convenient pockets. Comes with a matching head scarf. Made in India of 100% cotton. Wash in cold water. C-WH128
Sku: C-WH128
Wholesale: $23.95 Retail: $47.90