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African Proverbs About Mothers

05/07/2009 16:43

"A silly daughter teaches her mother how to bear children." - from Ethiopia 

"A child does not laugh at the ugliness of its mother" - from Uganda 

"He that has never traveled thinks that his mother is the only good cook in the world." - from Kenya 

"The mother of a great man has not horns (i.e. she is a simple woman)" - from Kenya 

"We are born from the womb of our mother; we are buried in the womb of the earth" - from Ethiopia 

"Even if a baby seems unpleasant to look at, his mother never refuses him". - Bamoun proverb, Bamoun is spoken in Cameroon.

 "A mother is like a kernel, crushed by problems but strong enough to overcome them." - Congo proverb 

"Mother is God number two." - Chewa, Malawi proverb 

"Your mother is still your mother, though her legs be small." - Chewa, Malawi proverb

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