Caring for your D'Jembe Drum



D'Jembe drums need your love and care for them to last a long time. It is not high maintenance, but it can only take so much abuse especially the drum head. Do not place objects on the drum head as the drum head is made of goat skin and only 1-2 mm thick. It's not a table or foot rest. Because once the drum head is damaged, you will have to replace the goat skin. Do not heat up the skin. It has been done in the past to help tighten the skin when they use to use pegs or leather to keep in place. But the ropes they use now keep the skin nice and tight. Heating and cooling will damage the skin. Do not add oils or any other leather treatment to the drum head. It is fine as it is. Keep your D'Jembe on its side when storing to keep tension off the rope and skin. Keep your D'Jembe in a bag to protect from humidity and physical damage from your clumsy siblings or friends. Africa Imports offers 2 types of D'Jembe bags.

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