Cutting oils



Normally our customers sell the oils uncut. This is what most customers want most of the time. Cutting or watering down the oils can also hurt your reputation, and lose the trust of your customers. There are times when oils need to be cut however. You can make your oils last longer or work better in different ways when you do. Most colognes and perfumes are only 10-15% oil because the uncut oils can be too strong for a lot of people. When oils are used in an oil burner, the uncut oils can make a fragrance that is too powerful.

A common question that people ask is what to use as a cutting oil to properly dilute oils. There are a lot of different cutting oils: DPG, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, and more. There are a lot of factors that some people think about for this; and different people have different opinions on what is best. Here is a basic bit of information to help you decide what to do if you want to lighten the scent of an oil. DPG is a petroleum based product (kind of like gasoline) is normally the least expensive option. DPG is normally mixed with oils when they are being used in an oil burner or in making incense.

If a person is wanting to wear the oils on their skin, you would want to use one of the more natural products. Grapeseed oil is probably the most popular for this because of the price. There are a lot of other options.