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Things You Should Know before Buying Ankh Necklace

04/21/2021 15:41

If you are thinking of buying an ankh necklace, then it is important to have some knowledge about it before you buy. The Egyptian ankh is the most popular symbol, but has always been misunderstood. This symbol can be traced back to thousands of years, holding great cultural and religious symbols. Many celebrities today wear this traditional necklace in different designs and colors. You can even find these jewelry options online!

What actually is the Ankh Symbol?

The Ankh symbol dates back to 5000 years ago, and was used by the First Egyptian Dynasty. It carries a cross-like symbol having a loop at the top. In the first glance, people will mistake it as a Christian cross. But if given a closure look, it has a meaning representing life. However, there is a dispute about the actual meaning of the ankh, because different people carry different meanings of the same. Initially, the symbol of ankh was used as an honorific address to pharaohs in writing.

In many of the ancient Egyptian representations, the symbol showed old Egyptian gods giving the sign to pharaohs and queens.

The Ankh Shape Representation

Like the meaning, there is a debate over the shape of the ankh. Some ancient scholars believe that this shape of ankh represents the knot formed from the cloth or reeds. Many also believed that the sign looked quite similar to the tyet symbol, known as the Knot of Isis representing 'protection'. There are different representations and meanings of this ancient jewelry.