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3 ways to grow when the economy is bad

10/28/2008 15:06

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1. Think creatively. Help your customers stretch their budgets by using your products. For example, offer larger quantities at a discounted price. Another way is to put some products into smaller packages so that people don’t use too much with each use.

2. For a lot of people now, time is no longer more important than saving money. Show people how they can save money themselves by ordering bulk products and putting it into smaller containers themselves.

3. Emphasize that your products give people affordable luxury. It is a lot easier to give up a vacation, a new car, or something else expensive, when you can reward yourself with something else fun. Special soaps and oils fit in for this. African art can make a home, office, or any other living space feel new and exciting. There are hundreds of ideas that you can offer that give people a better life without any big expense.

Africa Imports gives you dozens of other ways to grow your business faster and easier.

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