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​4 Popular Stylish Types of Traditional African Jewelry

05/13/2021 13:08

Jewelry is more than just a way to adorn the body. It is more of possession for every woman. If you have enough gold, diamond, and other precious stones and want to try something new now, traditional African jewelry is a good option. These handmade beaded necklaces and bracelets make a unique style statement and go perfectly well with all kinds of attires.

African jewelry has a unique composition of materials like seashells, animal teeth, and nuts. It also has carved stones to add to the beauty of the ornament. The design of the jewelry depended on whatever is available and what the culture of the community is. However, with time, traditional African jewelry also changed. This art gave some stylish jewelry pieces to the world, and people love them till today.

4 popular traditional African jewelry pieces


Most of the African tribal wore beaded jewelry, and the tradition is intact to date. However, it has passed on to the high street fashion followers. Different beaded necklaces and bracelets are the most stylish pieces that enhance the beauty of any attire to many folds.


Tribal adornments made of bone are beautifying the woman from many races. Many ace designers have created entire jewelry collection with stones, and it was a great success. From young college students to working women, bone jewelry is now everyone's favorite.


Sandstones are soft gemstones; they can get turned into any jewelry piece. They were initially found in Kenya and now have made a place for themselves in the international market. Traditional African jewelry pieces had sandstones colored in different shades and shapes to make multiple ornaments.

Stackable jewelry

The trend that is IN in the current times is stacking the jewelry pieces. Women these days wear more than one ring on the same finger and stack the bracelets as well. But did you know that this was a trend amongst African women? They use to stack their neckpieces and armlets, and that is where this trend started.

Many vendors these days have started selling jewelry in the name of traditional African jewelry. The truth is that they are not at all authentic and have nothing to do with the African culture. Choose a trusted vendor while making a purchase and flaunt your jewelry pieces!