50 Everyday Uses for Coconut Oil



Coconut oil is well-known for its effectiveness on the skin and its health benefits in the kitchen. But did you know that besides the more common usages, there actually are hundreds of ways to utilize coconut oil in your day-to-day life? Here are just a few great uses:

1. Skin Moisturizer

2.Hair Conditioner

3.Homemade Soap

4.Weight Loss

5.Treat Cold Sores

6.Coffee Creamer

7.Natural Wood Polish

8.Lower Cholesterol

9.Reduce Risk (or effects) of Alzheimer's

10.Butter/Oil Replacement

11.Lip Balm

12.Weight Loss

13. Body Scrub

14.Treat Fungal Infections

15.Make-up Remover

16.Diaper Rash Ointment

17.Natural Leather Polish

18.Massage Oil

19.Cuticle Treatment

20.Removing Soap Scrum

21.Shaving Cream

22.Bath Oil

23.Rash Soother

24.Small Motor Lubricant

25.Removing Chewing Gum

26.Reducing Cat Hair Balls

27.Reducing Hair Frizz

28.Dry Nostrils

29.Reducing Eye Puffiness

30.Bee Sting Soother

31.Natural Metal Polish

32.Reduce Arthritis Pain

33.Treat Athlete's Foot

34.Stretch Marks

35.Interior Car Detailing

36.Hair De-tangler

37.Cradle Cap


39.Removing Rust

40.Repair Split Ends

41.Removing Tupperware/Plastic Container Stains

42.Tattoo Healer

43.Ringworm Treatment

44.Cleaning Make-up Brushes

45.Removing Tree Sap

46.Cheekbone Highlighter

47.Bicycle Chain Lubricant

48.Eczema and Psoriasis


50.Dandruff ...and there are so many more ways to use coconut oil! From beauty aids...to health remedies...to home maintenance, this versatile oil goes a very long way. Every home should keep a supply handy! Click here to get your coconut oil now<strong