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8 Things You Might Now Know About Angela Davis

02/03/2023 07:55

During this Black History Month, it’s important to recognize the contributions of African American activists and leaders. One remarkable figure is Angela Davis, an iconic civil rights leader and political activist who profoundly impacted our society. Here are eight things you might not know about her.

1. Angela Davis was one of the most wanted fugitives.

Angela Davis was named to the FBI’s Top 10 most wanted fugitives list in 1970 for her involvement in a plot to free three inmates from a Marin County, California courtroom. The escape plot tragically ended in gunfire and resulted in four deaths, including the judge. Following an international manhunt, Davis was arrested and charged with murder, kidnapping and conspiracy. She was eventually acquitted of all charges the following year, but her name remained on the list until 1973.

Angela Davis was sought then arrested by the FBI in 1970

2. Angela Davis received several honorary awards for her commitment to social justice.

In August 1972, she was invited to the Soviet Union by the Central Committee, where she received an honorary doctorate from Moscow University. This highlighted her commitment to international solidarity and her belief that freedom could be achieved through collective action in struggling against oppression.

In May 1979, Davis was awarded the Lenin Peace Prize from the Soviet Union. A panel awarded the prize from the government to individuals who were considered to have “strengthened peace among comrades." This award was a testament to Davis’ dedication to social justice and her commitment to building solidarity in pursuing freedom.

Angela Davis received the US Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2020 for her tireless fight for civil rights and her support of those in the margins.

3. Angela Davis is an accomplished author and educator.

Davis has written several books, including her autobiography “Angela Davis: An Autobiography”, which she wrote while a fugitive from the FBI. She has also written extensively on topics such as feminism, race and social justice. Her work has been published in over a dozen languages and is taught in universities worldwide.

Davis is also an accomplished professor and lecturer, having held faculty positions at the University of California system since 1969. She holds appointments as Professor Emerita at UC Santa Cruz, where she was named Distinguished Professor of History of Consciousness in 1991 and was the first woman to have a full-time professorship in that department.

Angela Davis speaks at the University of New England.

4. Angela Davis is inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

Davis was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 1993 for her civil rights and social justice advocacy. The Hall of Fame recognizes and honors women who have made extraordinary societal contributions. Davis’ induction was a testament to her impact on civil rights and commitment to fighting for equality.

5. Angela Davis has been involved in social justice movements worldwide.

In addition to her activism in the United States, Davis has been involved in social justice movements worldwide. She has visited and spoken in countries like Venezuela, India, South Africa, Mexico, Egypt, and Cuba. She has also repeatedly addressed the United Nations on issues such as global poverty and racial injustice.

6. Angela Davis was a leader in the Black Panther Party.

Davis joined the Black Panther Party in 1968 and quickly rose through the organization's ranks.

The Black Panther Party (BPP) was an African American revolutionary socialist organization founded in 1966 by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale. The party's objectives were to protect black communities from police brutality and provide access to social services. The BPP took a strong stance against racism, poverty, and imperialism, advocating for equality among all. She served as an important spokesperson for the group and encouraged young people to join in the struggle for civil rights and social justice.

Davis also worked to bridge the divide between the Black Panther Party and other social movements, particularly those centered around women’s rights. She helped create a broader coalition supporting civil rights and social justice by doing so.

7. Angela Davis is a committed vegan.

Davis has been a committed vegan since before it was fashionable, believing that animal cruelty and exploitation are intertwined with racism, sexism, and classism. She is an outspoken advocate of veganism, speaking at events worldwide and writing extensively on the subject. In addition to her activism, Davis has also founded several non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting veganism as a way of life.

8. Angela Davis supports the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

Davis is one of the most vocal supporters of the BDS movement. The campaign seeks to pressure Israel to comply with international law and end its oppression of Palestinians. She has been an outspoken advocate for Palestinian rights, speaking up on their behalf and helping to raise awareness of their plight. Davis’ support for BDS has been met with praise and controversy, but she remains steadfast in her commitment to justice and peace in the region.0

Angela Davis has spoke regularly about Palestinian rights

A Life Dedicated to Social Justice and Civil Rights

Angela Davis has been fighting for civil rights ever since she was a young woman growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, more than 50 years ago —and continues fighting today through various forms such as lecturing about issues like racism & sexism around the world, writing books about these same topics, even creating podcasts discussing ways we can make world better place. Her courage, spirit, and passion have inspired generations past; present future continues fighting injustice everywhere they see it —whether it be through activism or simply listening to other's stories and understanding experiences. We should all strive to emulate the legacy left by this incredible woman, stay vigilant remain dedicated; causes believe we need help support the most vulnerable members of society to stand up for what is right. Happy Black History Month!

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