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Abdou from Senegal

04/30/2020 13:29

Meet one of the people who brings your products from Africa.

Abdou has a difficult and unique background. He is originally from Dakar, Senegal. His parents brought him to the US when he was 12 years old and left him here by himself. He had no relatives or friends to help him and needed to survive by meeting different people on the streets of New York. In spite of a lot of hardships, he was able to work and thrive and ultimately get US citizenship. He now has a family who he is supporting in the US and travels regularly between Senegal and the US to bring products here. He has several children including his daughter who is now getting ready to go to college. A few months ago, Abdou came with his children from Senegal. After getting off of the plane, he came directly to our warehouse with two of his children. Our warehouse is right next to a city park. Abdou's children saw the park and wanted more than anything else to play on the swings and toys in the park. There are parks in Senegal too, but these kids were really impressed with this one (it is not that special). It is somehow very exciting to be around children who are so enthused to play in a simple playground. Your purchases of African made items from Africa Imports help many people and communities in Africa. It also makes a big difference for a family-like Abdou's. We hope that you will visit us here sometime soon.