African American history courses for free



I graduated cum non laude from a state university. So it was exciting to me to find out that MIT, Harvard, and some other major schools have a lot of their classroom lectures online. That's right. You don't need to be extra smart, well connected or rich to be a part of the classes in an Ivy League school anymore. I never took any courses in African-American history when I was in school. So during the last few weeks, I have been watching classes on this. I won't get any college credit; but I certainly get more knowledge and understanding of things. You can get more education for yourself on YouTube. There are thousands of lectures. With more than 200 full courses currently available through the site, you now have no excuse for not understanding quantum mechanics; or African and African-American history. Africa Imports has it's own Youtube chanel too. You can see African music and dancing; an African church service; African school classrooms; instructions on how to make your own personal care products; how to put on a wrap skirt; and the history and meaning of different African products.