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African boys mother dies of aids

09/03/2008 16:28

Aids takes countless lives in Africa. When children are left behind, a lot of loving people in Africa want to help. God has a special love and concern for orphans. Germais (below) is certainly more blessed and ultimately cared for than we know. His all too common story can help us to remember all of the blessings that we all enjoy every day. Hopefully he also inspires us to live better lives ourselves. Purchases from Africa Imports help support three different orphanages in Congo, West Africa, as well as a home for street children in Dakar, Senegal. You can find out more about this here. 

Here is the letter that we received from Africa with this story of one boy. This is Germais. We were at Mpila orphanage on Saturday. I asked him how long he has been there - ever since he was a baby. He knows nothing about his Mom or Dad. He started crying while I was asking. His Mom got pregnant while in school - the father is not known. His Mom has now died of AIDS. Our Heavenly Father is watching - HE is counting each tear.

Coming tomorrow is a story of a baby girl who was left on a doorstep.