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African canes give customer new magnetism

05/19/2009 14:00

Elephant and Lion African Walking Cane (Hand Made in Kenya) – The Black Art  Depot

My father in San Diego just had surgery, and called me to get one of the African canes we carry. So I sent two African canes to him; and I got this unique customer testimonial. I never thought of these canes giving people more sex appeal, but read his experience below and decide what you think. "Thanks so much for the two canes. First off, they give me more confidence as I take my longer walks – especially when curbs or uneven paving are present. And they each help me take on an attitude during those walks. The “Warrior” cane gives me a feeling of style and superiority. During one of my walks I was greeted by one who appeared to be retired from the military with a ‘Good Afternoon, Sir!”. Your colorful, hand carved cane, on the other hand, provides me with more of a light-hearted setting. The other day, a lovely young lady greeted me silently but with a pleasant grin and just a mild wink. I haven’t figured out just why, but I seem to reach for the colorful cane more often as I take my afternoon walk."

To see the "colorful" cane he is referring to, just visit the Africa Imports page or Click Here.