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African Chebe Paste for Longer Hair

04/02/2018 08:19

Chebe Paste – The Ultimate Hair Growth Solution  Like so many other women, are you Despairing of your thinning or fragile hair? Sick of trying different products that promise to make your hair stronger and longer which produce disappointing results? Now there is a new and surprisingly simple solution to all these problems – Chebe Hair Paste. This traditional remedy originates from Chad in Africa and is famous for promoting hair growth. For centuries, Chebe has been a secret known only to the women of the Basara Arab community who are famed for their stunningly long and beautiful hair. Now, the secret is out, and women everywhere are discovering the amazing properties of this super-moisturizing ingredient which produces spectacular results.

Basara Arab Women And Their Amazingly Long Hair The women of Chad’s Basara Arab community use a Chebe mixture to keep their hair incredibly lubricated and moisturized. As a result, their hair famously grows to an impressive length. It is not unusual for their hair to grow as long as their waist and beyond – something that is virtually unheard of among other African women. The women in Chad who use Chebe find that their hair resists damage and breakage from childhood. It penetrates into the hair shaft in a way that shea butter and other hair moisturizing ingredients can not. Chebe paste also de-tangles and making the hair easy to manage. 

An All-Natural Breakage Prevention Chebe hair paste uses all natural ingredients which can only be found in Sudan and Chad. It also uses tallow (beef fat) in the traditional manner along with essential oils which create a pleasant aroma and enhance the user experience. This lubricating paste is packed with vitamins B12 and A as well as other nutrients for the hair to prevent breakage while increasing hair growth for an amazing effect. How Is Chebe Paste Made? Chebe paste is made from cloves, Chebe seeds and mahellaba soubianne which have been grilled individually and then separated. These ingredients are then ground individually into a powder before being separated. The scented oils are mixed with the tallow and are then mixed with the powders. Finally, the resin and missic are ground up together until they develop a powdery texture and are then added to the mix. 

Convenient And User-Friendly In its paste form, this product is incredibly simple to use, and is a lot more convenient than using Chebe powder which can be tricky to handle and involve a lot of guesswork. All you need to do is dampen your hair and then apply the paste before re-braiding it and wetting once more with water. Chebe paste should be applied every 3-5 days to achieve the best possible results. Users report that they can see and feel a difference in the texture, strength and condition of their hair very quickly after they start to use Chebe Paste, and the many satisfied buyers goes a long way to explaining why this product has been a sell out.