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African Flavor of the Week - Creme Caramela



Creme caramel, almost the same as egg custard - Recipe | Recipe

Sweeten your palette with the delicious taste of creme caramela, otherwise known as Sudanese Caramel Custard. This is a traditional dessert that is a favorite among the Sudanese people. The recipe is below:


8 Eggs 

1 quart Milk 

1/2 Cup Sugar 

1 oz. Butter, Melted 

1 Tbsp. Vanilla 

1/2 Cup Sugar Maraschino or Candied Cherries (optional) 

1. Beat the eggs with the milk and 1/2 cup of sugar until the mixture is frothy.

2. Add in the melted butter and 1 tbsp. vanilla. 

3. In a 1 quart aluminum cake pan melt 1/2 cup sugar and burn to a caramel stage. 

4. Rotate the pan to spread the caramel all around the sides. 

5. Beat the egg mixture again. 

6. Pour it quickly into the cake pan. 

7. Cover the pan with aluminum foil which has been well buttered on the bottom side. 

8. Place the pan in a larger pan half-filled with water (as you would do with a custard). 

9. Bake at 350 F for 30 minutes. Remove and test with a silver knife (when it comes out clean, the custard is done). 

10. Chill until it is thoroughly cold. 

11. Turn the caramela out onto a 10-12" platter. 

12. Garnish with cherries on top and sides. 

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