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African Living Bitters - What are They?

04/23/2009 15:29

Living bitters are made from aloe ferox and cassia sieberiana; aloe ferox is a bitter aloe that is famous for its cleansing properties and is also used for arthritis. Cassia sieberiana is an extract from the African laburnum tree.

What do Living Bitters do? Together aloe ferox and cassia sieberiana work to eradicate toxins and mucus built up in the colon. Over the years, especially with the amount of preservatives and fats that people eat, mucus and 'pile' coats the intestines and colon and sometimes stays in the body for years, making it harder and harder for the body to fully rid itself of bodily waste. Living bitters remove all this built-up coating in the colon, as well as helping rid the body of other toxins and build-up. Bitters are also helpful in curing menstrual pains, habitual headaches, and sexual weakness.

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