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African Proverb of the Week

08/07/2009 16:24

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"The hunger that has hope for its satisfaction does not kill." - Igbo (Nigerian) Proverb 

The Igbo people inhabit southeastern Nigeria. “Igbo” refers to both the people and their language. Occupying a rainforest region, the Igbo were mostly farmers and their lifestyle was patterned on the farming cycle. Usually between the end of the farming season and the next harvest, there is a food scarcity spell called gal. This Igbo proverb was mostly used at this time, a period of about five to seven months, to promote hope and endurance until the next harvest, a future of abundance. The elders used this proverb to teach the young ones that no matter how challenging a situation might be, one usually survives it if one looks beyond the particular moment with hope for a brighter future and, therefore, endures with dignity. Find more African proverbs on the Africa Imports web site by Clicking Here.