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Amazing Africa Info Graphic Map!

09/10/2013 16:04


It’s no secret that there are many people on the African continent that need help, but it seems sometimes that the specifics of the situation get lost in the overall idea. Which regions are more heavily hit with poverty versus AIDS, is there a connection between literacy and political rights? It seems clarity in certain areas might help us help the people that need it the most. Thanks to the good people at we have an amazing window into an astounding amount of data and trending information regarding Africa and its people. created an info graphic they were kind enough to share with us. This graphic allows you to select countries and view statistical information regarding: Health – Various elements that contribute to a person’s overall physical well being Stability – Conflicts, personal safety and rule of law Economy – Ability of an individual to earn a livable income Infrastructure – Government run utilities such as water and electricity Education – Literacy, quality of education Diversity – Religious and racial diversity Rights – Individual rights and civil liberties held by the people Size – Population You can also cross reference the various sections to see what if any impact one has on the other. This is a fantastic tool for those of you who are interested in not only Africa’s rich cultural past, but also it’s present.