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An African Christmas - Part 3



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In African culture spirituality is an important part of life. It is reflected in the way people live and celebrate no matter if they are rich or poor. A lot of times people will ask if Africans celebrate Kwanzaa or Christmas. Kwanzaa for the most part is unknown in Africa, as it is an African American holiday rooted in some African traditions that have to do with the celebration of harvest and the seven principles of life. It is an excellent holiday and someday it may be celebrated in Africa, but not presently. Do they have Santa Clause in Africa? You will probably not find Santa often. Christmas in Africa is a spiritual holiday with Christian meaning rather than a secular celebration. In Africa, there is not always an exchange of presents. Many people don't have the financial freedom to buy a lot of gifts for their family. Christmas is more of a celebration where people come together, eat, drink and rejoice in the fact that they have each other. People take off work. Many times there is a religious celebration in the church with lots of singing. In some places there may also be a reenactment of the nativity. What people eat varies from country to country in Africa at Christmas time. In Kenya, Nyama Choma (roast goat) and Tuskers Beer is the favorite of the day. In Rwanda and Uganda it is also a time to eat goat meat. People with less money will have chicken at Christmas with chapattis, ugali, sukuma wiki and rice. Others will pool resources with neighbors and friends and slaughter a goat, goats or a cow. In Ghana, which has a devoutly Christian population, well-off families gather for a meal of rice, meat and tropical fruit on both Christmas Eve and Christmas day. The children are excited, and the adults are looking forward to a day of no work. Want to find hundreds of African gifts to give this Christmas or to decorate your home with? Visit the Africa Imports web site at