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Being a Blessing in Africa

04/10/2020 15:23

Africa Imports also pays many people in Africa who do not make products for us. These are generally school teachers, medical workers, and people who do job training. The coronavirus has caused tremendous economic problems for many people in Africa. We offered to give $100.00 to each of these people who we thought could help others living around them. One person named Neema who we gave $100.00 to decided to give $25.00 each to four different people she met who were not relatives, and who had major needs.

Here is what Neema wrote back to us. First of all thank you for the money that I went to pick on Saturday. Every thing is going on well, I was able to ask the Lord who I can give the money to, And I'm so glad the Lord has given me people, so far I have 3, and I'm still asking for one more. I was at my parents house, and a man knocked the gate, I went to open the gate and here was a man with dirty clothes, I did not know who he was,but my mom knew him, he normally comes often to pick up used plastic bottles for recycling, he picks the bottles and sells them at a very low price not even half a dollar for a kg. My heart felt this was one of the people I asked God to direct me to. His name is Bakari, I had a chat with him about his business, and he told me he can't sell the bottles for now, because of the corona issue, so he is just collecting the bottles to keep them, hoping that, after this situation, he can sell them. , I took the money and gave him a Quarter of the $100.He was so grateful and thankful Neema was so conscientious about this, that we are sending her another $100.00 to help others with - once she finds her last person to help Business and finances are hard for all of us right now. Even relatively small amounts of money can make a huge difference for some others with even more difficult lives than our own. Thank you again for your business with Africa Imports.