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Business Cards Leave an Impression

07/04/2007 11:22

Don’t have a business card? Chances are, if you’ve got no business cards, you’ve got a lot less customers. People hold onto business cards, they put them in their wallets and come across them and remember to place an order!

Business cards are very underrated, yet are the number one most used marketing tool that you can find almost everyone using.

Here are some important things you get from having your own business card:

#1 - You’ll Look More Professional
A business card is inexpensive and can do wonders to help with your professional appearance. You having a business card shows that you are prepared and have invested in what you are doing.

If you are out at a meeting, trade show, festival, etc, and you are given a business card, and you don’t give one back odds are you will be frowned at because you will appear unprepared. Stay ready.

#2 - People Will Remember You Better
Have you ever said to someone, “Check out my site/store at Blah Blah, and contact me”. That person may remember that information for a little bit. But it probably won’t stay with them for long. By handing out a business card, you have given that person something to refer back to at a later date. Hopefully they will contact with you, or possibly hand the card over to someone else who is in need of your services or products.

#3 - You’ll Stand Out
An exciting, unique design can help you stand out because it will be easier to remember your name and the unique look of your card. A great design can also sparks conversations, and small questions can lead to bigger discussions about your products and services.

Our business cards are all professionally done with African accents that are eye-catching and memorable.

#4 - It Helps When You’re Short On Time
Sometimes you only have a few seconds to introduce yourself. Giving out your business card quickly can lead to future opportunities because they now have your address, web address, phone and email for future conversations.

#5 - They’re Convenient!
Avoid writing your contact information on a piece of paper that can get crumbled up, and trashed. Business cards are small enough to fit in your wallet, so you can conveniently carry them around with you at all times. They are pretty much tiny fliers that can provide a big impact.

You can get business cards on our promotional tools page! They’re inexpensive, and sure to make an impression on your potential customers and friends.

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