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Cedarwood Essential Oil and Dandruff

02/23/2010 11:38

Aside from a crisp, refreshing scent, cedarwood essential oil is also a fast-acting treatment that heals seborrhea, or dandruff. Simply place a few drops of the cedarwood oil into an unscented shampoo or in some rinse water to fight away dandruff! Click Here to find out more about cedarwood oil or to order your own! Interested in other essential oils? Visit our essential oils page to find more!


Jacob Lawrence

Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000) was considered to be “the most widely praised African-American artist of the 20th century.” As an African-American in the visual arts, his work carried him to the pinnacle of success and fame. Lawrence considered himself both an artist and educator and used his art to tell stories about black history. For example, Lawrence produced a 40-panel series on "The Life of Harriet Tubman" (1940), who in the 1800s helped hundreds of slaves find passage to freedom in the North through the Underground Railroad. His 60-painting "Migration Series" (1941) traces the mass movement of African Americans from the South to the North following World War I. These series use both images and detailed titles to create a narrative history of the event. Today the Seattle Art Museum offers the Gwendolyn Knight and Jacob Lawrence Fellowship, a $10,000 award to "individuals whose original work reflects the Lawrences' concern for artistic excellence, education, mentorship and scholarship within the cultural contexts and value systems that informed their work and the work of other artists of color."