Celebrating Botswana Day - September 30th



Botswana Flag

Happy Botswana Day! On Wednesday, the 30th of September, people will celebrate Botswana's independence from the British on the 30th of September, 1966. Botswana, having gained its independence from Britain, has enjoyed relative peace and harmony amidst neighboring countries that took up arms for freedom. If you were to visit Botswana, you would encounter the beautifully animated traditions of Botswana dance and song, mud dwellings with thatched grass roofs, and traditional meeting places, or dikgotla. The village landscape is characterized by many cattle corrals, for the majority of Botswana's people continue to rear cattle according to tradition. We wish all the people of Botswana a blessed holiday! To find out more about African Holidays just visit the Africa Imports web site or Click Here.