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Celebrating Independence Day in Angola - November 11th

11/09/2009 16:45

Angola Independence Day March

Today marks the 34th anniversary of Angola's independence. Although it has been a rocky road since Angola's independence from Portugal, now things seem to be getting better and the country is closer to prosperity now than ever before.

What has happened since Angola's Independence?

After Angola's independence the civil war intensified and was bolstered by foreign involvement. After 16 years of fighting in which up to 300,000 people died, a peace deal made it possible for elections to be held. But UNITA (the National Union for Total Independence of Angola) rejected the outcome and resumed the war. However, the death of Unita leader Jonas Savimbi in February 2002 raised the prospect of peace. In April 2002 the Angolan army and Unita signed a formal ceasefire in Luanda to end the 27-year conflict. We want to wish the country of Angola a blessed independence day! Find out more about African holidays by Clicking Here.