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Celebrating Moi Day in Kenya - October 9th

10/09/2009 17:22

Today marks Moi Day in Kenya. Every year on this day, Kenyans take a break from work to remember what former president Daniel Moi has done for them. Although he has retired from the presidency since the 30th of December 2002, Moi is still fondly remembered by the people of Kenya and is still contributing to the welfare of the country. Among Moi's contributions, he has been involved in mediation between various conflicting sides in Uganda, Congo, Somalia, Chad, Sudan, Mozambique, Eritrea/Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Burundi etc. He also has traveled widely in search for peace in Africa and the world. Many times he has been called upon as a president to provide peace keeping forces in troubled parts of the world like Chad, Uganda, Namibia, Mozambique, Iran/Iraq, Kuwait, Yugoslavia, Liberia, Morocco, Angola, Serbia/ Croatia, D.R. Congo, Sierra Leone and East Timor. 

Currently, Moi is setting up a foundation through which he hopes to participate in solving conflicts in the horn of African and the Great Lakes Region as well as help rehabilitate street children and those orphaned by HIV/aids. We wish all the people of Kenya or of Kenyan descent a happy Moi Day! If you'd like to find out more about African holidays just Click Here.