Celebration of A Mother's Love




Mother's Day in South Africa

    Mother's Day is such a beautiful holiday filled with love and appreciation for mothers all over the world! Although lifestyles and cultures can vary from country to country, Mother's Day is one of the few holidays were the traditions pretty much remain the same throughout the world. In South Africa, Mother's Day is also celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May. People make special time on Mother's Day to thank their moms, grandmothers and any motherly figures for their love, patience, self-sacrifice and devotion. Just as in the US, carnations are the traditional flowers used on Mother's Day in Africa. The flower holds a very special meaning on this day. Mothers are not only presented with these flowers as a token of love, but children also wear carnations on their clothes in honor of their moms. Red and pink carnations are worn for mothers who are living, while white are worn to honor moms who have passed on. In similar fashion, on this day, the child becomes a caretaker of the mother. Mother is exempted from all of the daily chores. Throughout the entire day, children pamper their mothers by cooking, cleaning, serving tea, offering presents and showering their moms with affection. Younger children present their mothers with homemade gifts. Some of the children take their mother out for dinner or on picnics as well. Mother's Day is a day dedicated to all the mothers all over the world for the constant self-sacrifice and patience they devote in raising their children. Let's never forget all the women who have taken part in nurturing and showering us with love, affection and guidance!