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Chebe testimonial

09/29/2021 11:35

Okay so I have been using the Chebe for for about 2 months now and all I have to say is, this stuff is just amazing!! I include the Chebe Powder and Oil into my Deep Conditioning regimen and I have definitely seen a difference in my curls. First, my curls have somehow managed to become even more coily. I have noticed that my curls are much tighter than before using the Chebe. I only recently gotten a trim but I hadn’t trimmed my hair at all prior and my hair has just been loving the Chebe. Since i prefer more of an “Wash N Go” method I only use the Chebe Powder to Deep condition, once applied on the hair I use a steamer for about 30-40 minutes then wash out completely with shampoo and conditioner. My shampoo does not contain any sulfate but it does sud up so that makes me feel like I am getting a deep clean. Once my hair is styled I completely air dry and BOOM amazing, beautiful and moisturized curls for the week. I love this stuff! Thank you for sending these products to me!! - Danielle Nance Africa Imports is one of the very few places that carries a full selection of Chebe products.