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Contest winner Ebonie

08/27/2020 10:38

Congratulations to Ebonie who just won a $100 gift certificate for sending in her story of success during this coronavirus pandemic era. There are a few other Africa Imports customers that have told about how they have been both surviving and thriving in their business during the coronavirus lockdowns. You can see more stories like this here.

Shockingly, Coronavirus has been my blessing in disguise for me. On 2/28/2020 I gave birth to my second daughter. She was a full month early and arrived before all of the shutdowns. I didn't realize how bad times could get until I started to see others losing their jobs and sense of security. I've always wanted to start my own business but never thought I could be able to as a mom of two.

Thanks to faith and a Google search I found Africa Imports! Your products have helped me generate an extra source of income to provide for my family. Your products and values are what keeps me loyal to your company. Thank you. For those who are afraid to leap, just close your eyes and let go. The real failure is not trying.

~ Ebonie in Stamford, CT

Africa Imports