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Dancing in Brazzaville



Meet Maman Honorine from Brazzaville. Maman Honorine was suffering before from the effects of AIDS. The Congo offers free medicine for AIDS victims. At this center, they taught the women how to sew, make bread, cakes and knit to make a living since often their husbands and family threw them out on the street when they became aware of their condition. [video width="352" height="640" mp4="/images/uploaded/blog/2018/08/carryingsaltdancing_part1.mp4"][/video] Here Maman Honorine is shown happier than ever dancing with a bag of salt on her head to be shared with her children. The AIDS cells in her body are now so low she doesn’t require any medication and has been healthy for over 3 years. She has 4 children all AIDS free. See the largest selection anywhere of authentic African clothing, jewelry, artwork, and more at Africa Imports.