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D'Jembe Technique: Rumble

09/04/2013 09:44

The Rumble or continuous roll is a great technique and exercise for D'Jembe drummers of all skill levels. You are simply playing the same note continuously at the same length. It can be tone, slap, or bass, though tone is easier to do at first and for beginners. You can change the tempo slower or faster and you can play harder or softer as you play.

This is the first exercise. Alternate with the right (or dominant) hand and left (or less dominant) hand while hitting the notes equally. Keep counting to keep your beat.

This next one is a little trickier. You hit the note twice with your dominant hand and then hit the note twice with your other hand. Keep alternating between the hands and make sure you are hitting the notes equally with no pausing so that it sounds just as smooth as the first exercise.

And for the third exercise, you are now adding a bass note (open circle). This is called a triplet or 3/4, or 3 quarter notes per bar . So hit the bass and then the tones with alternating hands.

Keep practicing this fun technique. Enjoy.