Fast tip for selling more body oils



If you sell body oils, you will sometimes have customers who want their oil to be a special color. You can give them almost any color that they want by keeping a set of liquid dyes on hand.

You can add just a drop of dye to an oil to give it a whole new look. The different look will make your customers feel like they are getting an oil customized to their taste, and will keep the customer coming back for more. Colors do not normally change the fragrance. They can sometimes make an oil slightly less strong (but only very slightly).

Africa Imports offers this set of dyes to help customers personalize lotions, body butter, and other products. You can give your customers better, more personal service than they will find anywhere else. You can get new customers who cannot get what they want from other oil vendors. You can get sales that you might lose otherwise. A small investment in a small extra service like this can pay you back over and over again.

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