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Free poster for African clothing



Update: This poster is no longer being sold. 10/31/2013 A new African clothing poster just came back from the printer. If one of these would help you, just ask for it when you order anything else. Your business can stand out. People will see more benefits that they get from your products. Your customers will see what they can be. Your business can grow a little faster and easier; and it's free.

The next time that you order anything at all, just add item # X-051 to your cart; or ask for it when you call. This is a full color glossy poster 18" X 24" on heavy poster stock. It shows some of the most popular African fashions. There is also another poster showing African soaps. It's free too. If you don't have these already, ask for yours any time. Item# X-052 - shown earlier in this same blog.