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Fulani Straw Hats - Symbols of West Africa

09/02/2013 17:13

Fulani Straw Hats of West Africa

Nothing keeps the sun off your face and shoulders better than a Fulani straw hat from West Africa. Men will often wear these in the fields and deserts to protect themselves from the harsh west African rays. The Fulani are migrant cattle herders found throughout West Africa. This hat is one of the few things that is common to the culture throughout a broad expanse of West Africa. Many boys in West Africa will get their start making Fulani hats by collecting grasses to weave into the hats. The youth will weave and decorate the hat and give it to a fellow herdsmen in exchange for a chicken. With the chickens eggs he would start bringing in an income to support him and his family. Weaving these unique and decorative hats is part of the Fulani lifestyle and tradition, and has been a practice for many years. Wearing one of these hats lets you enjoy the culture of West Africa while beating the summer heat. To find out more about Fulani hats or to get one of your own, Click Here.