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Giving Back & Happy New Year!

01/01/2012 12:56

It's hard to believe that a new year is upon us already. Hopefully, we've helped you grow your African products business this year and you are excited for the possibilities to grow even more in 2012. As you are aware, a percentage of all purchases goes to help various orphanage and education projects throughout parts of Africa. There are hundreds of young people who have meals each day because of the work we do here and by your selling African products. Together with your help, we've made really good things possible for kids in Africa this past year:

 • There were 3 additional orphanages that were supported by our work this year: SMK Farms & Orphanage in Uganda, Action International in Uganda, and Lake Tanganyika Orphanage & School in Zambia. You can read more about each here

• As of late December, Africa Imports total charitable contributions for 2011 are just over $68,000.00. So as you look back and reflect on the year, please know that your purchases have helped make a real difference in the lives of kids in Africa who don't have much hope without this support. Happy New Year, and thanks again. For further information on all the projects we support, click here.