Giving to Congo children



Helping people in Africa is the main purpose behind Africa Imports. Through your purchases, Africa Imports is able to help support four different orphanages in Congo, a country where extreme poverty has created a constant barrier between children and food, shelter and education. We are able to help pay for schooling, meals and other daily expenses the orphanages must cover to care for these beautiful, but needy children.

Since 2007, Africa Imports has donated over $286,500 to the orphanages in Congo. We strive to continue to bless these children both physically and emotionally. These are just a few of the orphans that we are able to support with your help. Below the two girls are named Bayani (age 6) and Kisia (age 4). The baby boy is only 2 months old (we didn't get his name, but he's cute anyway!) Africa Imports, along with hundreds of children in Congo truly appreciate your continued support.