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Goodnews School update

08/15/2013 16:24


We get updates all the time from the teachers and administrators who work with the kids at the various organizations we support in Africa. We at Africa Imports are always amazed to hear about the transformations these children go through from wasting away physically and emotionally to flourishing. It's rarer that we get the privilege to hear from the children themselves. Recently we received thank you cards from the Goodnews School in Mpulungu, Zambia which houses feeds and teaches 85 orphans. I wanted to share their heartfelt thanks with you directly.


At the Goodnews school in Mpulungu, Zambia near the shores of Lake Tanganyika has been able to aid 65 orphans to date and aspires to add another 15 children in need in the coming months. Orphans in Zambia are often neglected and undernourished physically. Many are shunned or living in physically and/or emotionally abusive households. The school provides a stable environment where they are taught skills like math and reading. 


Often lacking proper clothing, each child is given a school uniform and is educated about how to have good hygiene. 


After a year of loving care and sound teaching, these children are more healthy emotionally and physically and more able to get back to the business of being kids.