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Grace finds a Home at Mpila Orphanage

08/27/2009 11:00

Africa Imports pays for three meals a day for over 100 orphan children in the Mpila orphanage in Congo. We can’t do this without your purchases, and as a thank you we’d like to tell you about this young girl who has found a home there.

One of our friends who runs the orphanage had this to say about Grace: "This is Grace - she is a girl, her head was shaved b/c of lice. She is a Rwandan refuge - she and a brother and sister are all 3 at the orphanage. They have no idea if their parents are alive. The Red Cross continues to try to get families together but if the refugees do not come to the UN to sign in they cannot be found. Thank you for giving these refugee children a home. " Thank you for caring about African products. The sales of African products not only helps the craftspeople in Africa, but we couldn’t help support places like the Mpila orphanage without you.