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Happy Independence Day Kenya! - December 12th

12/08/2009 15:53

This Saturday marks the 46th anniversary of Kenya's Independence. Achieved in 1963, Kenya's independence is something that was gained through much patience and courage.

The story of Kenyan Independence tells the story of Kenya's long and hard struggle for political and social freedom from British rule. Kenya officially came under English reign in 1920. The Kenyans reacted by trying to win back what the English had wrongfully taken away—the rights of the African nationals in Kenya. The Kikuyu organization ( 1921), headed by Jomo Kenyatta was the first attempt. In 1925 it was suppressed by the English but the members regrouped again as the Kikuyu association.

Kenyatta's resorted to peaceful methods, but no progress was seen till after World War II. In spite of political movements and a united national uprising against the English, the English refused to move out of the territory. They were determined to hold their power over Kenya and this set off a violent reaction during the Mau Mau uprising in the 1950s. A huge number of Africans lost their lives and thousands were wounded. Suppression of the Kikuyu organization by the English followed.

The Kenyan independence struggle reached its climax with the imprisonment of the African political leaders. Political chaos continued till 1960 when Kenya was recognized by English regime. In 1961 Africans were granted a majority rule in the parliament. Finally in 1963 Kenya's fight for independence culminated with the country attaining complete independence from British domination. Thus Kenya independence is a picture of the victory and of the persistence of the Africans. We want to wish the people of Kenya a blessed and happy Independence Day! To find out about more African holidays just Click Here.