Helping others during Coronavirus in Africa



Rachael is the principal of a school in Zambia. Your purchases with Africa Imports helps to pay her expenses. Here is something extra that Rachael was able to do to help others in her community. She is shown below with her husband and children.

Coronavirus has caused tremendous economic problems for many people in Africa. Rachael lives in an area with a lot of special needs. We sent her $100. extra by Western Union so that she could help a few people in her area. Here is what Rachael wrote back to us about her use of the extra money. Because of covid 19 schools closure some orphan kids can't eat that one nutritious meal they get from our school, this has put a big challenge on the 76 year old granny who has to find meals everyday by doing piece jobs, So she only affords one meal per day. When I gave her the money, she fell down on the ground and started rolling around praising God for His love, when she finally got up she started dancing and singing praising God such that the neighbors came to watch. Another, a widow with 5 children. She is HIV positive and her youngest daughter 7years old is also HIV positive. When she received the money she just broke in tears and thanked God. Yet another because of covid she has lost her job which is her source of income, so they have been sleeping some nights without eating. When she received the money she immediately sent her kids to the hammer meal to buy maize and make mealie meal, the smiles on the kids faces on the thought on coming back to actually have enough nshima was a blessing to witness. Each situation was unique and a blessing to witness.