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Yochrist's Special Day

Meet Yochrist, a young woman from Congo. This is a very special day for Yochrist. Like most girls, she is extremely excited to be picking out brand new clothes! For her, this is moment is even more special because this is the first time in her entire life that she has gotten new clothes from a clothing store. You can almost feel her delight, gratefulness, and pride when you look at her smile! 

Although she appears to be a young child, she is actually 20 years old. Yochrist's lack of growth and dental problems are caused by a hormonal abnormality. She has no father and lives in a shack by the river with an uncle and her mother, whom sadly, works as a prostitute. Because of Yochrist's appearance, most people think of her as an “untouchable” or a witch--so she is left alone. We were thrilled to be able to help make her feel special, even for just the day. It made her extremely happy to receive her new clothes!