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How much does Africa Imports give to Africa

02/24/2009 17:30

I just added up how much money Africa Imports sent to orphanages and kids homes in Africa during 2008. We sent $28,500. So far in 2009, we have been able to send $10,000. which works out to a lot more per year if God continues to bless us. You can see exactly how much we give to each different cause that we support here. Africa Imports is small; but we give a big percentage of our profits to help Africa. Helping people in need in Africa is the way that many of us, and many of our wholesale customers; get the most fulfillment from the work that we do. The real benefits to people in Africa comes from our customers who buy the products that people in Africa create. This keeps these small industries, and the culture and heritage of Africa both alive. When someone here buys an African made product, someone in Africa has a job; and the traditional crafts can continue to be passed from generation to generation. When someone buys a non-African made product from Africa Imports, the profits from this allow much more to go to helping African people too. This is one reason that there are Non African made clothing, soaps, and oils at Africa Imports. Another bigger reason is that these are all popular items that our customers ask for. Africa Imports has the largest selection of African made artwork, drums, jewelry, and African clothing in the US. You can find out more about how we help Africa and see some of the children from these orphanages here.