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How someone else got her first customers



Carla in Katy TX told us about how she sells the most; her biggest success; her biggest failure; and some other things. I will copy her responses in a small series of blog articles so that you can get as much help from her experiences as possible. 

This second question in this series is the title of this article; and her answer is shown below. 2. How do you market the products to your customers? When I first created my website I made sure to register with all the major search engines to let everyone who goes on line know that I was in business. I also got registered with all the “Free” services like Merchant Circle & HotFrog and created a YouTube page. In addition I searched out every opportunity I could on line that offered the opportunity for free advertisement or where I could enter my business information. Of course I also had business cards and post cards made to disperse. I actually launched my business by being a vendor at one of the very first Natural Hair Workshops in Houston. I ordered a WHOLE LOT of samples and decided that during my launch since my intention was to let people know that I was in business – I sold nothing that day and just gave away a bunch of samples. I had people register for the samples and that created an initial pool of potential clients. You can see what made Carla want to start selling African products buy scrolling back a few days before this post. You can see a starter kit that has helped hundreds of other people get their business running faster and easier by clicking here, or you can go to the Africa Imports homepage here.