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How to fade indigo fabric color easily

07/06/2017 05:44

A lot of people want a faded look for their indigo fabric. The look and feel is better for some things; the faded indigo is much less likely to rub off on a persons skin; and it is normally much easier to work with in sewing, or making craft or clothing items. Although we have been told that a light bleaching with clorox is effective for this, one of our customers has said that she has a much better solution for this issue. She uses Rit Fast Fade: a common product that is relatively easy to find. Here's an extra tip to help with setting the color of Indigo fabric. The most well known home remedy for this is to soak the indigo in a solution of vinegar and water. Once it dries, the color is much less likely to rub off on your skin or on other fabrics. Washing in potash is another solution that some say is more effective.

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