How to Get a Little Bit Personal



Do you have a record of what your customers have bought from you? If you do, you can help your customers better; and grow your business faster. Here’s how:

Put together a list of customers who have purchased a certain type of product from you in the past, send them an e-mail, a postcard, or phone them whenever you have a new and similar product. I do this whenever I can, and there is always a lot better response than there is with more generic emails. What’s even more important is that customers write back or call to say that they like it a lot. You will also keep people from tuning you out when they see too many things from you which are not good for them.

Even if you don’t have something new and exciting on hand for all of these customers, you can let them know about new items that you could get for them. Africa Imports adds over 50 new products each month. You can check our website any time at all to find new ideas to tell your customers about. You can order things after someone orders if you need to.

You will be showing your customers that you think about them and that you give them better service than anyone else this way. Your customers will remember you better; and you will be closer to having the business that you want to have.

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