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How to get more business soon

11/16/2007 10:39

The fall is usually the slowest season for people who sell African imports and afro-centric products. The winter is the best time with Christmas holidays; and with Black History Month in February.

That means that right now is the most important time to do the things that make your business grow soon. Here are a two things to do right now that will make your business prosper more in the next months.

1. Keep yourself in your customers thoughts. Send cards, emails, and other reminders of some of the what you have.

2. Get your merchandise ready. Do your buying early, and you will sell more. People want to get their stuff when they pay for it. Having products on hand when people want them, is the #1 thing that our other customers say makes them successful. Do your buying, inventorying, and other product preparations now. You will have more sales; and more time to sell even more soon. If you are low on cash, be sure to have the best selling products on hand. African soaps, oils, and shea butter are low priced items that people will buy on impulse if you have them on hand.

When business is slow, it feels like it will be slow forever. When things are good, it feels like it will get better forever. If your business has been slow lately, remember that what you do now will pay off in the busy season soon. Christmas and February both come every year.

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