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How to make body butter

05/30/2008 09:15

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You can order body butter, hand lotion, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and bubble bath bases in bulk from Africa Imports. Once you have the base, what do you do next? You can make your body butter and other personal care products more personalized. The most popular way is to add a little bit of oil to ad a unique or personalized fragrance to your butters. Typically 1% to 2 % of fragrance is what you will want. Different oils are stronger than others, so a few drops of a very powerful fragrance may make your butter stronger smelling then much more of a lighter fragrance would. You can also add other things to your butters. Some people will melt shea butter to add to another butter to give it more healing properties. This is normally not a good idea. Shea butter solidifies at room temperature. Unless something else is added to the lotion to keep the shea butter in suspension, you could end up with small chucks of shea butter in the lotion. There are more instructions and mixtures that you can find online. You will ultimately have the most success and be happiest creating your own blends by a little practice with this information. null